Rosie-May’s First Steps

Rosie-May Edwards was diagnosed with diplegic cerebral palsy upon birth and her parents were informed she wouldn’t be able to walk.

However after some research into her condition they discovered that Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery could correct her condition and alongside physiotherapy would allow her the chance. Unfortunately, the surgery is not available on the NHS and the only specialist in her specific condition is based in America, bringing the grand total for treatment to £80,000.

Due to the Trust’s previous involvement in ‘Jacobs Journey’, a young boy with the same surgical needs as Rosie. Josie Edwards, her mother, contacted the Trust to see if there was any available fundraising support for the operation.

The Trustees were more than happy to support Rosie-May on her journey to her first steps and donated £17,000 to cover the final balance required for the operation and physiotherapy costs post op. Rosie’s mother said:

"A massive thankyou to the Axentis Michael Charitable Trust for helping change my daughter’s life. We really couldn't have done this without them. We will be forever grateful for their help & support towards Rosie's life changing surgery. Rosie-May now has a chance to take her first steps and live a pain free life"

An update was received by the trust from Rosie-May’s family in September to confirm that the surgery had been successful, and Rosie was recovering well. The family have now returned home and Rosie-May has started her physiotherapy at SDR Fitness Wales a centre that specialises in pre and post-op Selective Doral Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery. They provide their clients with the tools to grow their strength and confidence as they recovery from their treatment.

Alex Demetriou from the Trust stated, “We were so pleased to be able to fund Rosie-May’s operation and physiotherapy. Josie and her family had worked tirelessly to raise the funds initially and we were only too pleased to assist with the final balance and we are committed to funding the physiotherapy to help Rosie start walking. Rosie is such a lovely girl and we can’t wait to hear how she progresses.”

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