Helping to Fund a Stingray Pushchair: Isabella’s Story

The Axentis Michael Trust is proud to support some great causes, and we were thrilled to be able to help out in the case of Isabella, a young girl with some additional needs that couldn’t be funded by the NHS alone. Here, her mother Emma tells her story:

“During Isabella’s birth, it became clear that things weren’t right. Isabella’s heartbeat was very high and I contracted a severe infection. As soon as she was born, Isabella had to be resuscitated before she was taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. A few weeks later, Isabella had her MRI scan. The results were not good, so much so that it was a miracle she was alive. It showed that, as a result of oxygen deprivation, she had severe damage to her brain.

“After many weeks in hospital, Isabella was allowed home and we began family life. Later came the diagnosis of quadriplegic cerebral palsy. This means that the damage has affected all of her body. Eating is particularly challenging and she is fed through a tube to her tummy. Despite her physical limitations, Isabella is cognitively very bright and enjoys all the experiences any child would. She’s a determined soul who has zest for life. Isabella enjoys going to the park, playing on the beach, visiting animals on the farm and exploring the world around her with family and friends.

“As she got older, Isabella became too big for her commercial buggy and needed something bigger. Due to her feeding needs, it was important that she had a buggy that could face either a parent or the outside world. Unfortunately, Isabella did not meet the criteria for this on the NHS. The funding gap was £1,500. The news that she didn’t meet the criteria was heart-breaking and meant that taking her out was becoming increasingly difficult.

“A few weeks later we received a call from Alex on behalf of the Axentis Michael Trust who were interested in helping. After meeting with us at home, he agreed that his charity would fund the gap for a new buggy. We were over the moon and placed the order the same day.

“A trip to the park or day out with a child who has additional needs is challenging – there’s a lot to remember before you even get out the door. This piece of equipment has made a huge difference. Isabella is properly supported and comfortable; she can now explore the world around her. If she needs feeding while we are out, we can do so with ease as the base swivels without the need to lift her. Thank you for enabling our family to have the freedom to do what many families take for granted.”

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