Charitable Trust provides funding for local girl with assistance dog

Local community nurse Chloe, has been assisted by the Axentis Michael Charitable Trust, funding the training and upkeep of 18-month-old Ocho for the next year.

Ocho is a Assistance Dog in training and like most young guide, service and assistance dogs required help in paying for his training with Part of the Pack Assistance Animal Services. Learning to help someone is a long and expensive process, however with the trust’s funding and the amazing work of both Chloe, and her mum.

Chloe, commented,“I require help and assistance picking up things, opening doors, loading and unloading the washing machine and many other day to day activities that many people take for granted. Ocho has made a huge difference to my independence and confidence at both work and home”

Assistance dogs are trained to support disabled people and people with medical conditions in a variety of ways. From guide dogs to medical alert dogs, from autism dogs to hearing dogs, assistance dogs change, and often save, the lives of their owners and their families. Though any breed of dog can become an assistance dog, it’s not an easy position to fill. They must pass rigorous standards and prove that they’re healthy, well-trained, obedient, trustworthy, and more. Because of this, only a small percentage of dogs make the cut. 50-70% of all canine candidates don’t make it and fall out somewhere during the course of training.

Ocho has now only three more tasks to complete his training, an incredible 6 months earlier than most, with his final assessment scheduled for the beginning of June 2022.“The funding the trust has provided has been wonderful and I can’t thank them enough. The help we have received from the Trust has been amazing and so helpful to Ocho’s progression. We regularly visit local businesses to help him get used to loud noises, busy environments and flashing lights. All of which I have to potentially deal with within my job as a community nurse, which has, in turn, enabled me to continue doing what I love and means I can continue to help others.”

Alex Michael grandson of Axentis Michael said,“the charity was set up in memory of our late grandfather Axentis Michael who was a pioneer in fundraising for local worthy causes in Weston-super-Mare. Ocho’s training has already made a huge improvement to the quality of Chloe’s life both at home and at work. We are delighted to be part of their journey”.

You can follow Ocho’s progression on social media and help with his gofundme page by using the following link;

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